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About Us

Citiside specializes in the managing and leasing of single-family homes, condominiums, and apartments for investors. Citiside currently manages more than 500 properties in the Atlanta, GA and the Baton Rouge, LA.

Citiside strives to provide outstanding financial and accounting services with innovative technology plus sound and transparent maintenance and contracting procedures. When you engage Citiside to manage and operate your property, you are assured to receive top quality professional services and advice. Our goal is to provide superior services in every respect by sweating the details with highly individual and specialized attention.

Citiside works with many private investors and draws upon our experience of construction, risk management, purchasing, selling, marketing and renting of properties to help our clients achieve their goals. This experience in turning around underperforming properties with the goal of maximizing cash-flow has enabled us to be a trusted manager and advisors with our client’s assets. We do not co-manage properties, though. You would be relinquishing control of the day-to-day decisions in this process. For many people, that is exactly what they want. For those of you that are not ready to do that, we are not the best company for you.

Our Core Values

Be Proactively Transparent

Communicate answers to questions before they are asked

Be Firm and Fair

Be direct with expectations while finding a win-win

Take Ownership

Your success is based on everyone’s success

Technologically Efficient

Find new ways to make life easier

Forward Thinking

Solve problems permanently

What Makes us Different?

Maintenance Partnerships

We partner with Lenox Renovations to achieve optimally priced service. This partnership gives us the ability to handle any request from a simple fix to a full rehab and flip of a property.

Investor Mindset

Our Managing Broker, Johnny Voyles, started Citiside Properties with himself and his investors in mind. Truly understanding the motivations of the investor allows us to make decisions that align with your interests. This could include offering advice on when to sell, what area to look in for returns, to offering alternative maintenance options.

Systematic Approach

We have a belief that systems are stronger than individuals. Having proper systems around each process that goes along with property management allows us to set clear expectations, decrease response times to issues, and catch mistakes before they happen.


We value using technology to increase efficiency. Having a former Sr. Consultant from Deloitte that helped companies implement new technologies on the team keeps us focused on constantly evaluating new technology that can make us more effective at managing your properties.